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on daily photographing - Geoffrey Spear [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Geoffrey Spear

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on daily photographing [Oct. 20th, 2006|08:51 am]
Geoffrey Spear
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[mood |coldcold]

So, despite my complete lack of dedication to chrismaverick's 365 Days project, which led to a 1-month hiatus from photographing myself every day, I started an incredibly more ambitious project (complete with a new Flickr group) to photograph both Zoë and my yard/garden every day, with a sort of implied plan to add even more photographic subjects to photograph every days for a year after that. It's incredibly unlikely that I'll actually do 365 days of any particular subject, and it only occurred to me after creating this group that starting a much less ambitious "52 Weeks" group of one self-portrait per week would have been infinitely more realistic.

Of course, no one would actually notice if I abandoned my new group and started another one.