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wow [Jan. 25th, 2006|03:27 pm]
Geoffrey Spear
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[music |naked scientists podcast]

Steve Jobs is going to take over Disney.

Well, ok, Disney is taking over Pixar, and Jobs will become Disney's largest shareholder. They're a big enough company that there's no way whatsoever he'll hold a controlling interest in the company, and probably won't even have enough influence to stop them from producing a really poorly-animated direct-to-video Toy Story 3.

But it's fun to pretend Disney might stop making crappy sequels to all of their old movies (which I'm forced to watch, being married to a big Disney fan and all) and actually come up with a new idea or two.

They should really start by cancelling the release of their Madagascar ripoff I saw a trailer for recently, and burning every bit of footage they produced for it. I don't care if they'd be throwing away millions of dollars worth of already-made movie. It's bad enough they made awful sequels to Beauty and the Beast, et. al.; they don't need to be making bad sequels to Dreamworks' movies too.

In other news, West Virginia is apparently making DDR a required part of their public school curriculum.