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I've been really bad at adding new entries to this, which isn't… - Geoffrey Spear [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Geoffrey Spear

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[Aug. 31st, 2002|09:20 am]
Geoffrey Spear
[mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[music |Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey-The Beatles-The Beatles]

I've been really bad at adding new entries to this, which isn't surprising, considering:

1) pretty much any time i decide i want to start writing regularly, it lasts for about 2 days whether it's journalling, poetry, fiction, or objective C code.
2) most days i do absolutely nothing worth mentioning.

Wednesday night I got about half of the iJournal multiple-user/multiple-server support I'm wroking on done, and that's about it. Thursday I went to work, then came home and watched TV.

yesterday I went to work, then went to Silkys and had No Wings and Three Drinks (Alabama Slammer, 7 & 7, Mike's Hard Lemonade (although I ordered a Lynchburg Lemonade and thought that's what the waitress said when she repeated it)), then went to mav's and drank something george made with rum and 3 kinds of citrusy stuff. I made my Madden 2003 team, but still need to draft all of my players. I'm playing the Portland (Maine) Penguins, who play in lovely Bud Ice Stadium (capacity 100,000). We also played spades, with chrismaverick and I winning the best-of-5 in straight games. The 2nd game lasted about 10 minutes, with a win on my nil bid when I didn't even know we were close enough to win. The 3rd game dragged on for a really long time with George and beststephi taking a big early lead, but we eventually won. Then we watched mav play the Superbowl in his Madden season.

Today I may or may not get to play tennis, and then either go to danitapgh's BBQ at 7:30 or Amy Soller's Dissertation Defense Party, where I'll almost certainly know no one, unless other hockey people show up.